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We specialise in the development and manufacture of advanced medical balloons for the global medical device industry.
Why choose Us?

Why choose us Because we are experienced

Our team of engineers and technicians have 35+ years of combined experience, specifically in medical balloons

Why choose Us?

Our clients Large & small

Our customers range from large multinational medical device manufacturers to contract manufacturers to cutting edge start-ups

Why choose Us?

Our approach Innovation enabled by quality

We use our proprietary robotic balloon forming technology to expand what’s possible today

Got a challenging balloon project? Get in touch and we’ll bring you to the forefront of balloon catheter technology globally.

Balloon Types

We make a wide variety of balloons, ranging from non-compliant (non-stretchy) to ultra-compliant (very stretchy) in all shapes and sizes. We offer many materials like Nylon, PET and PolyUrethanes to meet your custom needs. Our robotic process can be optimised to hit your design-targets like thin walls, high burst-pressures and tight pack-down, giving you a truly custom balloon.
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Standard Balloon

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Spherical Balloon

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Elliptical Balloon

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Square Balloon

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Conical Balloon

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Long Spherical Balloon

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Conical-spherical Balloon

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Conical Square Balloon

Long Conical Square Balloon

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Tapered Balloon

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Dumbell Balloon

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Stepped Balloon

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Hemi Balloon

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Conical Hemi Balloon

Your Custom Balloon

Balloon Materials & Performance

Non-compliant balloonsdo not increase (significantly) in diameter when inflated to high pressures.

These balloons are typically used in high-force, high dimensional accuracy, dilatation applications like stent deployment.

Compliant balloonsgrow in diameter when inflated to higher pressures.

Controlled radial expansion balloons can reach multiple target diameters at various inflation pressures or volumes.

Ultra-compliant balloonsgrow significantly when inflated and are essentially highly elastic balloons.

Volume control is often preferred in these low pressure applications.

Materials Selection

We can form balloons using a variety of medical-grade thermoplastic materials. We can help you choose the right material to maximise your balloon performance and integrate with your medical device or assembly process. Common materials include:


Poly(ethylene terephthalate) is a thermoplastic polyester, commercialized as Dacron® in the USA. This material offers some of the highest burst pressures even with a thin wall-thickness. Thermobonding of PET to your catheter shaft may pose challenges depending on material compatibility.


Nylon is well suited to high pressure balloons where some flexibility is desirable or acceptable. This material bonds well to PEBAX catheter shafts and is a good, slightly softer alternative to PET.


This polymer is based on Nylon and available in multiple shore-hardness grades from 72D (fairly hard) to 25D or 75A (quite soft). This allows for optimisation of balloon compliance and flexibility, as well as multiple catheter bonding solutions.

PolyUrethane PU, TPU

The Polyurethane family of materials is large and expansive with many good options for compliant and ultra-compliant balloons. Popular brands include Pellethane by Lubrizol and the Medallist range by Teknor Apex. These polymers are usually quite soft (25A to 90A) and well suited to thermal processing.

Our Balloons are shipped globally from our HQ in Wexford Get in touch to speak to us and to set up your order.

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We’re based in Ireland (a medical device manufacturing hub) and from here we ship balloons all over the world. We’ve got local sales representation in the USA through our sales partners Haldeman & Frazier Inc For Global Enquiries Email:

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Our Founder | Teddy Mudge

Teddy is passionate about innovation and (along with the Team’s help) is constantly improving what we do at Hoop. He graduated Cum Laude from Imperial College London and is building on his career as an engineer and entrepreneur in medical balloons.